5 Areas of Health

5 areas of health

Focus on the 5 areas of health

If you are in good health, everything else in your life can be improved! Work with Shannon to improve yourself in the 5 areas of health. Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial. Clients report more laughter and joy, better relationships, increased confidence and improved performance in professional and personal endeavors!

By focusing on the 5 areas of health, my clients begin their endeavors with more self awareness, increase their consciousness through their journey and cross their personal finish lines as more complete people.  

The five areas of health can be addressed individually or simultaneously. The more we improve each area across the more, the more we are able to enjoy every aspect of our life.  I believe in order to live harmoniously, each area ought to be addressed. The beautiful thing about this approach is that healing and progress in one area often has a positive impact on the other areas.  For example, sometimes we struggle in our financial health because our difficulties with managing our emotions.  In this scenario, it is likely that by addressing our emotional health, our financial health will improve! And most likely for the long term.

What Are the 5 Areas of Health?

By viewing health in this multi-area way, you can examine and improve your overall condition through focusing on a portion, or all of the areas.  All areas are interconnected and impacted from changes in the others.  Typically, certain areas come more easily than others and this varies by individual.  You can take the free assessment to gauge which areas you would benefit the most from improving.  Let’s start your health journey together today!

Financial Health

The topic of finances is enormous and can be overwhelming and  emotional to many.  My goal in this area is to help breakthrough some of those emotional triggers and assist others in achieving a feeling of more control over their finances.  In this section of coaching we will focus on your relationship with money, basic financial literacy, personal responsibility and finances, life purpose and finances an self worth and finances. Although people place varying importance on their finances and money, it is an inescapable factor of our society, so all individuals should be competent on at least a basic level so they can take responsibility for themselves.  Taking responsibility for yourself financially gives you freedom to make your own decisions in life, removed unnecessary burdens upon others, creates healthy boundaries within relationships and gives you the power to create the life you dream of.

Emotional Health

When we are numb to our emotions, we have a tendency to repeat the same mistakes over and over again because we remain unconscious of how our choices make us feel.  Make no mistake however, just because we have become numb to our feelings on the surface doesn’t mean these repeated lessons aren’t affecting us.  By cutting off the feedback cycle between our mind, body and heart with an unwillingness to be open to the honest consequences of a decision, we are allowing our mind to navigate our path instead of our heart and body.  In order to journey towards wholeness, we need to improve our practices of considering our mind, body and soul in all of our decisions.  This is a challenging practice because the mind can be very attached to its thoughts and when the body contradicts the mind, it causes us to reevaluate and sometimes forcing us to adjust our beliefs.  Shift from COGNITIVE awareness (in your head) to CONSCIOUS awareness (in your heart).

Spiritual Health

From nearly fifteen years of exploring spiritual health I have come to the conclusion that the most important aspect of spiritual health is a perspective of gratitude.

Physical Health

I have taken my body from being my enemy to being my good friend, and I would love an opportunity to support you in doing the same. My approach towards physical health incorporates many ingredients.  Nutrition, clean eating/avoiding processed foods, hydrating, strength and endurance training, recovery, physical therapy, holistic modalities for treating injuries, breath work, cold water immersion and more! I experienced a lot of pain and disconnection from my body and really felt like a stranger in my body until I began working towards a life of purpose and meaning. Doing work on myself to find some long term goals helped me adjust my perspective and begin caring for my body better.  This has been a long journey and has many lessons and invitations to grow relating to self-worth and self-care. Also, another important part of my learning in regards to physical health is taking our focus from external goals to internal goals.  When we strive after appearances, versus feeling amazing- we can feel disappointed because there is such a wider range of senses within us.  This is a bit about the angle I approach physical health from.

Mental Health

Mental health encompasses a broad range of cognitive and emotional states that impact an individual’s ability to function and navigate daily life.

Mental health refers to the state of one’s mind, including factors such as cognition, perception, and mood. This includes things like anxiety, depression, stress, and other mental health conditions that can impact an individual’s ability to thrive.

To achieve overall health and wellbeing, it’s important to address mental health alongside the other areas. This might involve strategies such as therapy, mindfulness practices, stress reduction techniques, and self-care activities. By addressing mental health as a key component of overall health, individuals can cultivate greater resilience and wellbeing in all areas of their lives.

Focus on the 5 Areas of Health

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