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My Cycling History & Experience

1991-2000: I swam competitively on 3 swim teams/year.

2006: I completed my first 1/2 marathon and full marathon

2010-2013: I voluntarily chose to use a road bike as my primary means of transportation

2012-2013: I competed in 5k’s and 10k’s (and a bike race) and earned corporate sponsorship’s. My interest in triathlon began here.

2013: I fractured my T11 & T12 vertebrae in an trampoline accident (back flip gone bad)

2017: I fractured my L2 in a car accident

2020: I reinvented myself and I’m training to compete in triathlons. I begin racing again on 9/5.

In the multisport event of triathlon, cycling is the area where I have the least amount of competitive experience, but I believe my passion for racing and strengths in the other two areas will help me compensate for this.  I have many years of experience in both competitive running and swimming.  When it comes to cycling, I have begun training and ride 25-30 miles

I have considered myself a social scientist since I was studying behavioral science in college.  I have chosen on my own free will to actively seek out experiences that many wouldn’t.  I have been curious for so long about the human experience and believe trying things myself will help me learn about myself and the world.   I am also the type of person that is willing to take large risks by making extreme changes in my life. When I was younger, they used to be less strategic and at this point I have begun to accept this fact about myself and have learned how to use it my advantage.

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My cycling experience

In 2009 my father was diagnosed with cancer and he passed away a year later, I was under 30 years old when this happened.  In the weeks leading up to and for a long time following, I experienced a powerful shift in what I viewed as important.  It was during this time that I decided to sell my car and be open to the idea of using public transportation to get around. I had been used to always using a car to get around but I felt it was a privilege that disconnected me from others and from a reality that many around the world live in everyday. It’s a little tricky to find an exact figure but several website estimate there are about 1.5 billion cars in the world which means that about 18% of the world’s population have a car.  I wanted to put myself in the majority of the world’s shoes and live with out a car.  I voluntarily chose to live this way and I got around Denver and Colorado Springs for 3 years with out a car. I used a Schwinn road bike from the 1980’s, the city bus system, walking, ride share options and more to get around. It was a big relief when I got a vehicle again, and I still appreciate everything I learned from that experience.

Competitive mindset applied to cycling

Some may wonder why I have chosen road cycling instead of a different type of biking. It mainly comes down to speed. Fortunately, I have previous experience in road biking.  I enjoy cycling because it’s a constant challenge to see how much further I can push myself.  I feel powerful on a bike that I am using my own body to travel significant distances.

Benefits of cycling

  1.   Increased cardiovascular fitness
  2.   Increased muscle strength and flexibility
  3.   Joint mobility improved
  4.   Decreased stress levels
  5.   Better posture and coordination
  6.   Strengthened bones
  7.   Decreased body fat levels
  8.   Disease prevention or management
  9.   Reduced anxiety and depression

Focus on the 5 Areas of Health

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