I tried meditation when I was far from desperate about a spiritual connection and at the time I found it boring, tedious, obscure and not very satisfying. I have come a long way from there and now I am proud of my meditation practice.  I am not the type of person who likes to do the same thing everyday so I will not claim that I do the exact same routine on a daily basis.  I incorporate meditation into my daily life through a mindfulness practice, I also enjoy sitting down to meditate, my favorite type of meditation and this has been the case for a few years is to incorporate a Breathwork practice into my meditation. I have found this to be the approach that gets me into the deepest state and allows me to really enjoy the experience.  I think it’s important to find a type of meditation that works for you, you feel benefits you because otherwise it’s not going to motivate you to engage in the practice.

Some of my greatest strengths which serve me in my own journey and that I have an abundance to share with others is a resourceful and encouraging attitude.  I will not give you the answers, I will guide you on how to find your own answers. Some of the meditation teachers I prefer currently are Dr. Joe Dispenza, Wim Hof and Aaron Doughety. It’s up to you to follow your bliss, connect the dots and try different approaches until you land on a type you enjoy.  I do believe all people ought to be able to connect to their spiritual center and that meditation is beneficial for everyone, so I would love to support you in finding a type of meditation that works for you.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a mental exercise that trains thoughts and awareness. A regular meditation practice can connect us to a state of calmness, which can be accessed at any time. Becoming familiar with the state of mental and physical relaxation can be useful towards coping with illness, making decisions, dealing with strong emotions, enhancing overall health and wellness and many other positive affects. The benefits of meditation are many, according to an article from heatlhline. Some of the benefits include stress relief, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhances self awareness, lengthens attention span, and more.  It is my sense is that there is much we don’t know about our supernatural abilities and we are still uncertain about our origin. Until we have the knowledge about this, we have to do our best in this practice.

  • Chakras
  • Sacred geometry
  • Crystals
  • Breathwork
  • Mental health


We can enhance our meditation practice through the use of chakra awareness. Chakras align with the energy centers in our body and we can bring our attention to them in our meditation practice to address correlating parts of our lives.  This is a fascinating practice that is used in many yoga modalities.  It is believed that when the chakras are open, we experience harmony between mind, body and spirit.  Sometimes our energy gets blocked in a certain chakra and can make it difficult for us to access the ones below it.  It is believed that we want to have a flow of energy up and down our spine, connecting us to the earth and to the divine.  I am passionate about using chakras as a healing and mindfulness tool because I find so much joy in using them in my own approach.  To learn more about chakras, click here (chakra blog)

Sacred geometry

Another tool that can enhance a meditation practice is the use of sacred geometry. More coming soon


Frequency and vibration.  Crystals connect us to natural elements and possess a frequency which can have an effect on our mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies! More coming soon


If you want a relatively simple way to deepen your meditation practice besides trying the endlessly frustrating practice of calming the mind, I have achieved a tremendous amount of success through incorporating Breathwork into my meditation practice.  If I had to choose the single most influential thing on improving my meditation practice I would point to Breathwork.  By following teachers like Michael Bryan Baker, Wim Hof, Dr. Joe Dispenza, I have gone into the deepest states, with out having to try to force it in my monkey mind.

Mental Health

Meditation is an exceptional way to manage mental health. More coming soon

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