Why I speak


An outlet for my passion! I see speaking as an outlet to channel my passion for motivating others. I am an energizer of people and speaking will be my method of influencing more people’s lives.  


Become an expert! I also believe becoming a speaker will allow me to really focus on what I am good at and specialize more.  I would like to be studying something like crypto or emotional intelligence much more regularly.  My motivation in life tends to be associated with achievement, winning, earning.. I am motivated when I see results from the efforts I put forth and I would be intrinsically motivated to invest in myself. When I was running my face painting business I invested in myself by paying to attend classes. I even traveled to Vegas for a multiday seminar with artists from all over the country. I was oriented for 2020 to be my most successful year when the plandemic stopped things in their tracks. This behavior comes naturally to me and I need to get myself into alignment with my destiny so I utilize my personal growth energy into the highest service. 


Affirmation of purpose! Speaking will give me a sense of fulfillment. It is something I have always known is for me but I have allowed my wounds to stop me. I want to be free of these excuses and these ways I lie to myself to stop myself. I desire this personal breakthrough so I can heal those wounds and be on the other side of those voices. That is why I’ve enrolled in the speaker lab! Because I know my situation isn’t that unique. 


Write more books! I am a writer as well. Spending more time working in my greatest passion will have me gaining clarity and power in my message. By doing this, I can become more confident and insightful in my message and with success I can reach more people! I published a book about personal responsibility, self awareness and service in 2011 and I’m currently composing a piece of basics of cryptocurrency. I see it as something that is the outline of my talks and is the foundation for a powerpoint and a standalone product. 


Reputation as a leader. I see speaking as a way to reach the most people and the best utilization of my talents. I intend to raise my value to myself and in the economy/marketplace as a respected leader. 


Peace of mind- The feeling that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing and no longer letting my excuses get in the way!


Incredible website! From speaking I want to be able to have a wonderful website which offers consulting, articles, products, connection, passive income and notoriety. 


Resources: I love putting the best quality food into my body and trying out innovative biohacking methods to feel and perform at my peak! This requires resources!  I’ve also incurred injuries to my spine twice and would gain so much from working consistently with a trainer. I also have plans to build a creative workshop which will serve the community to learn craftsmanship skills. I believe and feel confident this career change will lead to that eventually. I care so much about humanity that I refuse to compromise my morals. With resources and being true to myself.. I can help many people this way.