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In July 2020 at the age of 39, I decided to enter a triathlon held in Loveland, CO.  I have been an athlete all my life.  Competitive swimmer, runner, snowboarding etc etc..  I had missed the competition, I had missed the feelings of joy from  just the sheer act or athletic participation. I knew at the age of 39 it would not be easy, as well as attempting to overcome numerous injuries from my past. I am not going to dwell on those negatives or injuries of the past, you can read about them on other sections of my website.  I knew that it was now or never. I did not want to have those regrets or I “Should Of, Could Of” moments I have heard from friends or read about from other people.  I knew it would be hard. I knew it would have to overcome financial issues, equipment issues, physical issues, as well as  prepare myself mentally.


You see, the mental side, or mentality is always the biggest obstacle or challenge.  If we do not picture it in our minds, there is absolutely no way our body will respond.  A winning mentality and a positive attitude, are the cornerstones of any aspiration or goal.  As an Athlete or in any competitive environment, if we don’t think we can accomplish the task at hand, or make the shot, run the distance, sink the putt, there is little to no chance it will happen.  The defeat or loss is already there. It’s in your head.  So the mental aspect and determining the positive mindset and a I CAN DO THIS philosophy was the first step.


Once I determined “I would do this”, the ” Could Do This” fell into place. I had to plan my training, I had to secure adequate equipment, which is never easy based on the financial aspects needed.


I had to train my body to once again swim at least 750 Meters, then bike 20 kilometers and then run 5 kilometers.  You might go out and do one of these events one day and another the next, no problem.  Try doing all three in a row at a competitive race pace! It’s incredibly grueling. As you know a Triathlon is a 3 stage event in which the athlete must do all this back to back.  As well as prepare for any weather conditions that may affect the ability to perform.  Frigid cold water, or high winds, steep inclines, as well as the altitude and the potential course design. These are contingencies one must train for, both physically and mentally.


I needed to get the proper equipment, the right shoes, an adequate bike, proper wetsuit, etc.  I needed to plan my training schedule and diet.  I had only 7 weeks before the event.

I won’t go into all the details here, at this juncture. 


On the day of the event….


I finished with a time of  1:30:10.  I knew that was pretty decent for my first triathlon, but I knew I could do better if I had more time to prepare and better equipment.  


It came as news to me in March 2021, upon receipt of an email from USA Triathlon- My  time was actually GOOD ENOUGH to qualify for the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals event in Milwaukee Wis on Aug 6, 2021!


Follow me on my Journey to this event, read about my routine here.
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God Bless You.

Shannon Buckley

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