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When I was young I loved competitive swimming and participated loyally out of my own motivation for nine years.  I was obedient with my training and achieved excellent results. I felt stuck in my progress though because I was constantly distracted by my state of mind due to difficulties I had in relationships with peers and family. With the amount of physical training I did, I could have taken my performance to the next level by incorporating emotional, spiritual and mental health into my health regime.

I wasn’t aware of or open to this type of approach to overall wellness at the time, I just felt a general sense of unrest which greatly affected my focus.  I was motivated to achieve in school and sports, but I was unhappy.  This resulted in me not reaching my potential in either area at the time because my state of unrest interrupted my focus. Feelings of dissatisfaction were of constant presence, and although I knew they were there, I didn’t know how to fix them.  I complained about it to people close to me but in the end, no one could tell me what to do- I had to figure it out myself, and I eventually did.

As time went on, I suffered more consequences in life beyond the impact this toxicity had on my swimming performance. What was more damaging than my swimming times being slightly less than I desired was the frustration with relationships of all kinds, my self-worth eroding over time, my mindset becoming vulnerable because of the constant weight of this confusion. It led to a long struggle with depression and believe it or not, eventually I became involved in a very emotionally and eventually physically abusive relationship.  This was the final straw for me, and was the catalyst I needed to snap me out of the hell I was living in for my entire adolescence and early adult life.

The healing process did not come easily and the decision to put an end to the toxic relationships began an uphill climb to a more peaceful and loving life. This transformation began in 2008 and I’ve stayed on the journey ever since- learning and growing, and now I feel much happier and at peace with myself and the life I am creating. In fact, I’ve had so many magical and divine experiences since I decided to change my life, despite having good days and bad days, I’ve made tremendous progress and I want to share my methods for achieving miracles.

Who is Shannon Buckley?

I have felt a strong pull between athletics and art for most of my life.  In my projects since 2006 I have been increasingly aware of my intuitive and empathetic nature and learned how to use these traits to my advantage.

  • Artist
  • Intuitive/empathic
  • Athlete
  • Coach
  • Advocate
  • Author


One of my dreams when I was very young was to become an artist and it’s not a stretch to claim that this dream has come true for me.  In 2006 I purchased a sewing machine and my artistic dreams, which had been put on the back burner through school all hit me again like a ton of bricks.  Art is in my genes on both sides of my family. My dad was accepted to the Chicago Institute of Art, he didn’t pursue an education there but he earned BA in Fine Art from University of Montana. When my dad became sick with cancer in 2009 I spent some time with him learning about acrylic painting. He passed away a year later and this influenced my commitment to incorporating art into my life. My dad always wanted to be a full time artist but he was unsure how to support a family and do this.  So I make art now in honor of my dad’s dream, and to make an attempt to take his accomplishments further than he was able to.  My art career has been primarily defined by my work as a professional face painter. For more information about this career and how it has impacted me- click here.

Intuitive/empathetic nature

The feedback I have been given ever since I began following my artistic and entrepreneurial roots has been consistent. I am known for being an excellent listener who can read people’s energy and offer them services that align in ways greater than expected.  Somehow, with out words being spoken I am able to sense what people’s needs are and hold space for people to achieve their greatness. I look for the best in others and help bring it out in them.  I believe in people and I can be a source of inspiration for people to believe in themselves more.


Being involved in competitive sports through out my youth had an impact on my expectations of myself when it comes to performance in all areas. I have been hard on myself to a fault, likely in part because of this early training.  Once I learned to balance my ambitions with the 5 areas of health, I have more long term, emotionally healthy and forgiving expectations of myself.


I have given lessons in sewing to people of all ages. I have taught canvas and face painting classes to children and adults. I created an apprenticeship program for teens in the face painting business and retained an apprentice for over a year and a half. I taught people about nutrition and healthy lifestyle. I taught aspiring face painters how to grow their business.  I was the head waterski instructor at a summer camp in New York for one summer. I am coach for a year round swim team. I have assisted with speech therapy sessions.


It’s my mission to help others feel empowered and believe in themselves.  Helping people identify their inner voice.  People have felt too shy to say something and I try to help them express themselves.  I saw it repeatedly in my face painting business the joy that comes from people being given choices. I always make an effort to cultivate self esteem in others, to build others up and cheer them on.


I am proud to say I wrote and published a book in 2011 describing the process I went through to change my perspective on my victim story.  Fulfilling your dreams is possible. For fifteen years I suffered, hoping for fulfillment from something or someone other than myself. Once I chose to look within for answers, I discovered peace and a path to reach my potential. My journey improved my relationship with me and laid a healthy spiritual foundation. I wake up each day excited to live and be creative! Personal responsibility, self-awareness and service are the keys to your purpose and the impact you can have with your limited amount of time on this planet! Forgiveness is Freedom: Live Out Loud! Choose patience, faith and gratitude. Live with a positive attitude and go for your dreams with an open and trusting heart through the practice of forgiveness.

Focus on the 5 Areas of Health

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