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Making Small Changes to Help Yourself Achieve Your Goals

Confidence can often feel like an unobtainable luxury when you’ve been down for a while. However, there are easy, immediate changes you can make to start motivating yourself. If you have goals in mind, try integrating the following tips from Snowflake Whisperer into your plan and get yourself ready to reenter society with your best foot forward.


Start Journaling

Your first step should be to put your goals to paper. According to a study by the Dominican University in California, the likelihood of you achieving your goals increases by 42% when you write them down. The act of writing gives you the opportunity to establish clear goals, brainstorm ways to achieve them, and chart progress. If your goals are lofty, don’t worry. Having a record to see how far you’ve come will help you celebrate your hard work and keep you motivated.


Address Your Physical and Mental Health

Your overall well-being encompasses both physical and emotional health. In fact, they are not mutually exclusive. The National Institutes of Health points out that proper physical health can have profound effects on your mental health, such as:

  • Reduced fatigue and boosts in brain function
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Reduced feelings of depression

Exercise can reinvigorate you and make you feel better about yourself, but the process can feel laborious if you don’t participate in an activity that you love. Try out different options. Some people enjoy the procedural nature of the gym, the excitement of regular sports, or the meditative actions of yoga. To stay motivated, listen to your favorite tunes or inspiring podcast; be sure to have a pair of durable and ergonomic earbuds to optimize the audio.

If you’re on a budget, you can reach your physical activity quota without stepping too far from home by walking daily around the neighborhood or doing calisthenics in your living room with the support of free online exercise videos. A good diet goes hand in hand with a fitness regimen. Ensure your body gets the nutrients it requires to function optimally by eating healthy.

If you are struggling with feeling confident in your skin, take the time to address your mental health, as poor body image can be what’s holding you back. Even though mental health counseling can address deep-rooted issues such as depression, there are steps you can take on your own that allow for introspection. For example, setting aside time each day for meditation can improve your attention, boost your health, and help you relax.


Get Stress Under Control

Managing undue stress is another way to improve your mental wellbeing. As with many who are experiencing a job loss or other loss of income, financial woes are a huge contributor to rising anxiety levels. Consider ways to both cut back on expenses and generate funds, such as refinancing your home mortgage. Now is a great time to refinance, as interest rates continue to hover at near-record lows. Lower monthly payments and some much-needed cash can be a big help in reducing finance-related stress.

If you run your own business, you’re juggling a lot, especially if you have a family to tend to. With all the irons in the fire, it’s high time to delegate some of the more time-consuming tasks. Look into outsourcing areas like marketing and branding services by using online job boards to find qualified talent. Using Upwork, for instance, allows you to browse pros and see what they charge and how long they estimate certain projects to take. Then you’ll have a bit more time to focus on managing your business, as you should.


Invest in Your Future

 Whether you’re trying to climb the corporate ladder or searching for a new career altogether, you can improve your prospects by going back to school. Find something that caters to your interests and take charge of your opportunities by learning new skills.

For example, if you’re interested in business and technology, you can get a master’s in information technology and learn how to offer technical support, keep a business secure, and analyze systems to solve problems. If you want to help people, you can study to become a social worker. Bolstering your resume with these essential skills gives you an edge as an applicant and can make you feel more knowledgeable about your new job.

For a more flexible experience, get your degree online. Online schooling makes balancing classes, job schedules, and family obligations a breeze. Plus, most employers feel an accredited online degree has the same value as one earned on campus, so why not take advantage of this flexibility?

It can be difficult to regain a sense of confidence, but all you need to do is start small. Write down your goals, make incremental healthy changes to your day-to-day schedule, and work towards a better future by educating yourself. Once you start making progress, you’ll feel ready to tackle the world.


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