Spending time in nature is absolutely imperative to maintain abundant levels of health and vitality! Our culture has become so accustomed to the conveniences of the city that they often forget the importance of stepping away at times.  I am of the belief that spending time in nature is not a luxury, it’s a necessity. More coming soon!

Why is it important to spend time in nature

On the far extreme perspective I see the city as a lie that feeds itself. I enjoy many of the conveniences offered by urban environments but it has completely disconnected us from the cycle of life, our capabilities, the energetic impact of our actions..   We just consume at a rate that is far greater than our actual needs and our expectations are completely away from reality.

  • Resourcefulness
  • Connect with the earth
  • Stress relief
  • Grounding
  • Detoxify


Spending time in nature allows us to be present with less distractions.  It’s fun to get into nature for long enough to actually disconnect from the chaos of the urban environments.  After a bit of time you will feel yourself becoming creative with your environment and appreciating the opportunity to get to look at the clouds in the sky, notice the trees and flowers, wade in a stream, make a fire.   Something I always enjoy while camping or being away from the conveniences of the city is getting creative with food with just a camp stove or a camp fire.  By being surrounded with an appliance for everything, we have become hyper focused on doing things perfectly. Cooking a dinner on a camp stove in the middle of the woods typically inspires feelings of gratitude for being able to have a hot meal with people you love.  Less worrying about the little things and a natural shift towards living in the moment. Also, with out having a garage full of tools at your disposal for example, you figure out how to find solutions with what you do have, and I anticipate you will often surprise yourself with what you are able to do with far less than we have access to in the city.

Connect with the earth

Somehow, valuing life has become a controversial topic in the world today. With a focus that has been so much on big business, manufacturing, materialism… it’s inevitable that these monstrosities would influence us and push us away from our innate value.  However, we can not let these external influences take over our focus in life.  Many people are unhappy because they are disconnected from nature and from their own natural state.  People are inundated with technology, toxins, pharmaceuticals.. How can we except to connect with our natural state if we don’t get into the outdoors?

Stress relief

Coming soon!


Coming soon!


Electromagnetic radiation, exhaust, household and commercial chemicals, plastics, pollution,

Focus on the 5 Areas of Health

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