Creativity has many purposes, it’s so powerful and can serve us to reach our highest potential and also to heal ourselves.

What is creativity?

One of the deepest aspects of the human experience is creativity. I believe creativity connects us to God and that’s part of why it brings such pleasure to express it. As we live in a world where there is a lot of division over spiritual beliefs, creativity is way to find common ground, overcoming that division while including God. For people who are looking to improve their relationships, exploring their own creativity can serve as a bridge which allows to deepen relationships with self, God and others.

  • Healing
  • Connection
  • Fun
  • Unifying
  • Empowerment


Creativity is so powerful it can be used as a healing tool and also as our ultimate connection to source.  We can explore our deepest gifts, visions. One of the best ways to connect with your creativity is to spend more time in nature!


A nondenominational connection to God that is accessible to many, regardless of spiritual beliefs


Having fun and being silly is necessary to keep a youthful and healthy spirit.


Expressing creativity crosses language, cultural, age, location, political divides.


Developing your creative abilities can build a lot of confidence and open doors to new experiences you weren’t expecting.

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