Focus Areas

Focus areas

These topics are secondary to the main themes of personality responsibility, self-awareness and service.  They are complementary lifestyle choices that support a clear mind and body. Part of exploring self-awareness and then adopting a mindset that the buck stops here.  We want to grab on to the lessons we get when we take steps towards our goals.  We want to embrace our challenges and stay present in receiving the feedback that is returned to us along the way.  Our fears and challenges hold the keys to our goals and it’s possible to make tremendous gains in this area through a simple shift in our mindset. I can assist you to modify your perspective on fears, challenges, personal responsibility and what to expect once you leave your comfort zone.

Instead of becoming discouraged when being told no, you can embrace the opportunity for receiving feedback.  Sometimes, we fear being criticized because we are afraid our feelings will get hurt. The truth is, feedback is a gift and it actually takes effort to create opportunities for feedback.  We often are too hard on ourselves and don’t give ourselves credit for creating something that warrants feedback, instead we take constructive criticism personally, become emotionally triggered and it takes away from the value of the progress we have made. Responsibility is a gift, the ability to respond- and in order to engage in this process we must have incoming information.  So go out there and move towards your goals!

Health and wellness

Health and wellness is a broad term which I have been using for over ten years to assist in addressing the complexities of a purpose driven life. By adopting a view on health that approaches health in sections and as a whole, this has allowed for the most incredible experiences and exploration of holistic mind-body-soul modalities. As someone who has always been skeptical of western medicine, I am on the more open minded side and have tried many different approaches to healing and maximizing my frequency. My personal approach to health involves about 2/3 natural medicine and 1/3 western medicine. My journey through healing my heart and my body has strengthened my relationship with my intuition and that is the main tool I have used to navigate my healing journey.  I believe it is each person’s responsibility to strengthen their awareness of their intuition and utilize it to navigate their path.


Spending time in nature is so very important and we have gotten too far away from doing so. We have become out of balance with nature, it’s easy to see the consequences.  We have forgotten how to be resourceful and we buy a different appliance for every small thing in the kitchen. We buy, and buy and buy knick knacks made overseas, use them a few times and toss them out. When I spend time in nature, we make do with a knife.  We have so much power within us, The conveniences of the city are incredible, but they disconnect us from ourselves, the value of life, from the costs of consumption.


One of the deepest aspects of the human experience is creativity. I believe creativity connects us to God and that’s part of why it brings such pleasure to express it. As we live in a world where there is a lot of division over spiritual beliefs, creativity is way to find common ground, overcoming that division while including God. For people who are looking to improve their relationships, exploring their own creativity can serve as a bridge which allows to deepen relationships with self, God and others.


Meditation is a mental exercise that trains thoughts and awareness. A regular meditation practice can connect us to a state of calmness, which can be accessed at any time. Becoming familiar with the state of mental and physical relaxation can be useful towards coping with illness, making decisions, dealing with strong emotions, enhancing overall health and wellness and many other positive affects.


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Self love

We aren’t loving ourselves enough.  We have so much work to do in this area as a species. Coming soon

Focus on the 5 Areas of Health

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