Self love

Self-love is something we must develop! Some people naturally have it and others have to work harder! More coming soon!

What is self love?

Self love is a relationship you build with yourself consisting of befriending, supporting, forgiving and being kind to yourself.  It is time we break the social conditioning that has taught us to expect things from others that we ought to be doing ourselves.

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Self sabotage

This is an area I had a significant struggle with in my earlier years and even once I began living with more harmony and ease, this was one of the most difficult patterns for me to break.  Before I learned these skills and tools, I would often create problems for myself, just by the way I viewed things.  Even though I considered myself a positive person, I would often focus on why something wasn’t possible instead of why it was.  It was confusing because my perception of myself had become distorted and I wasn’t even aware of it.  It took some very strong people who were willing to speak honestly to me in order to break out of this fantasy.  I didn’t always want to face the actual reality so keeping a mindset that I was doing everything I could and things still weren’t working out kept me in the same place and I got to be right about being a victim.  At some point, we decide we want change, and that can be for any reason- sometimes we choose voluntarily and sometimes it’s forced upon us.

Be your own best friend

We’ve got to heal from an epidemic of codependency that has been created in our society.  This means setting realistic expectations in regards to what’s necessary regarding your relationship with yourself and with others. Once we have a handle on what these items are, we can function as complete people, which is a key ingredient towards creating more personally responsible, aware and service minded individuals in our society! We enter this world alone and we leave it the same way.  You must develop a close relationship with yourself, this is who you will spend the most time with over the course of your lifetime.


Through the practice of self awareness we must find our strengths and utilize them.  Creating in life with our strengths brings a great deal of confidence and is such a valuable attribute to have within you for all avenues.

Self worth

We’ve got to get this definition and perception of self worth straightened out for the whole of humanity.


Coming soon

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