Benefits of Volunteering

Volunteering, being in service to others is a great method of personal development

Giving to others, volunteering, contributing back to society can all be considered acts of service, which have the obvious benefit of helping others. This world is a huge place and giving back feels good. But what about the unexpected benefits the person volunteering can actually get? These benefits are usually not an expectation but can be life-changing for our personal development.

Expand your network and grow in your relationships

From a social standpoint, volunteering can be a great way to meet new friends that have similar interests to you. It can be hard to be social in our current world with so much of our lives online. Having that face to face interaction can do wonders for our mental health. Volunteering has also been shown to prevent isolation and depression. Volunteering can also teach us effective relationship boundaries. For example, if you are performing an act of service you may feel strong emotions for people that may be less fortunate. Of course, helping those that are less fortunate is wonderful. But there is certainly a time when this compassion can lead to not taking care of yourself personally. Boundaries are important in any relationship and this is a great way to practice them.

Try new things while getting to know yourself better

Volunteering can help on an interpersonal level as well. The act of volunteering helps us to learn about ourselves. For example, it can help us identify what areas we are most passionate about or how to be more grateful for things you already have. These passions could even turn into future career avenues or hobbies. By volunteering first, you can develop the skills and confidence that will help you get your dream job. Most people have heard that volunteering or giving back helps you feel better. One of the reasons for this is it gives you a sense of purpose. This can be especially important for someone going through a major life change such as a relationship ending or losing a job.

Make sure you are taking good care of yourself as well

As always, it’s important to check in with yourself before starting a new project or activity. You cannot pour from an empty cup. It’s important to take care of yourself and make sure you have the capacity to give back without hurting yourself as a result. But if you are looking for a way to change your life (in more ways than one). Acts of service may be the way to go. Life has a funny way of surprising us when we least expect it to. But we have to put ourselves in situations that allow these magical things to come our way. Giving back to others helps create a constant cycle of abundance. If you want to find a way to fill up your own cup with the added bonus of filling other’s too, consider giving back. You won’t regret it.