The role it plays in different relationships

Communication is the heart of all relationships. It is the transferring of verbal and nonverbal information from one person to another while actively listening. Communication allows for the creation and interpretation of meanings. Effective communication is prepared to cause growth and development through the exchange of ideas.

Communication can build bridges and fill gaps in our everyday relationships.

Family Relationship

  • Mother/Father

The family relationship is where communication is initiated. In this setting as individuals we learnt the means of communication. From first words to sentences and paragraphs. Conveying varying emotions including joy, sadness, anger, resentment, amongst many others. Communication here had the opportunity to experience all the seasons before facing the world outside of your immediate family. Childhood, teenage years, young adult and mature adult all comes with it myriads of communication. Communication throughout these life stages are apart of who we are forever and remains your internal marker for how you will communicate or continue to communicate with others, unless a concerted effort is used to change it because of various reasons. Its in this communicating environment where boundaries were taught and employed unknowingly. Many coping mechanisms are learnt in this relationship. When we wish not to communicate with someone, we build walls because of mistrust or other reasons that cause us discomfort. Communication in his relationship is important to keep the connection growing. Especially as children become adults and seek to find themselves. Time communicating the different stages is critical for parent and child to continue developing a strong relationship.

  • Husband/wife/children

The family that has now become immediate. This relationship challenges all you believe you understood about communication and requires for you to climb the ladder to go higher. In this relationship many old habits are discontinued, and many new ones emerge in an effort to maintain a healthy relationship.

  • Siblings

Rivalry is the theme of many sibling relationships. Living in love is as well. It all depends on how you communicate and wish to improve and maintain your relationship. This relationship can easily be the same as a friend relationship because of the tightness many brothers and sisters consciously decide to share by making the time for communication.

All other Relatives

These individuals continue to be very important to your life. Distance can easily damage these relationships but nothing a little communication can’t mend. Finding the time to communicate is important.

Friend Relationship

Best friend, close friends or acquaintance relationships are always a choice made to communicate with these individuals on a regular basis. But why? This relationship specifically requires there to always be a choice to communicate so the relationship can grow especially initially. After a while they become ‘family’ and communication is an ease even in the absence of it at times.

Work Relationship

This relationship has characterized communication to be more obligated than choice. Though these relationships can improve with great conversation, the dynamic of this relationship should be always considered to be professional.

Ways to improve communication in these relationships

  • Set aside time to sit and talk
  • Attend events together that will encourage conversations
  • Play games and engage in fun activities
  • Regular phone calls/text