So, a while back I stumbled upon the egg roll in a bowl recipe and, well, it was decent. Not terrible, not amazing, just fine. But you know what? Here at The Snowflake Whisperer, “fine” doesn’t cut it. So, I’ve taken this recipe, played around with it countless times, and added my own creative twist that’s just too damn delicious to keep to myself.

If you follow the other recipes that are circulating, you will have an easy one pot dish.  Fine, great… whatever.  If you want to take Egg Roll in a Bowl to the next level… keep on reading!

What you will need

Cauliflower rice (I prefer fresh but you can also use frozen. You can find fresh cauliflower rice in the produce section usually near the already chopped/diced veggies, a bag is usually about $4. If you are using frozen, you want to cook the water out on low until you get a nice base to start seasoning).