Results from 2020 Last Call Triathlon in Loveland, CO.  I was registered in the first time competitor heat (all ages and genders) and placed 13th in that group. I finished 9th in my age group but my results were listed in the first timer heat so one must do a little comparison to see where my ranking was in my age group!  I could have registered with my age group but I decided you only have one first time so that’s the choice I made for this event!


My second triathlon was a sprint triathlon on 6/27/21.  Here are my results!

Here’s what the numbers above mean: I placed 10/14 in my age group (at this point in my triathlon journey, this is the most important to me).  I placed 62/~130 total females in the race.

Total time: 1:58:14
1/2 mile swim 19:26:9
Transition between swim and bike 1:47
17.3 mile bike 1:03:12:2
Transition between bike and run 2:22
3.2 mile run 31:25

For a detailed description and analysis of my experience at the 2021 Boulder Sunrise triathlon click here!